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Pro Coaching

Pro Coaching

By UEFA & FA qualified football coaches & professional players.

The Jack Wilshere NCF Elites is based in Enfield, Middlesex. We provide a weekly football coaching programme to talented young football players between 10-18 years old. Our coaching staff boast a wealth of experience with a number of our coaches having been involved in the pro game for over 15 years at Premiership level.

Our coaching programme is designed to provide a platform for our football players that inspires, educates and develops football intelligence, working on both individual techniques, combined with team tactical development.

Director Nick Cook said ‘key aspect of developing intelligent, bright & well rounded players, is creating the right learning environment, that educates, motivates & allows for footballing creativity’.

Twice yearly our Jack Wilshere NCF Elites boys digitally receive their PPR’s outlining area’s of strength and areas of weakness. This is a great resource for both player and parents to keep track of progress over the season.


I had a really enjoyable night at Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites at their Enfield Centre last Friday. The coaching sessions were really well organised and professionally run.

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David Seaman ,  Arsenal and England goalkeeper,