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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

 A rigorous strength & conditioning programme.

This includes GPS vest sessions, monthly boxing conditioning sessions & if selected for one of our touring squads a personalised fitness programme.


GPS Player Tracking System

Elites players have the opportunity to train with SPTGPS vests. This provides data on distances covered, sprint repetitions and maximum speed. This provides great information for our coaches but also a great learning resource for our players.

Boxing Conditioning

Once a month our players head to the gym for a very tough boxing circuit session ‘old school’. The Elites are pushed very close to their limits, tested both physically and mentally. A great workout that also develops the team togetherness and discipline.

Supreme Boxing trainer Wilson says ‘combining boxing training with a football programme is a unique blend that helps give young players that mental & physical edge’.

Personalised Fitness Programme

Once an Elites player has been selected for one of our touring squads, they are also issued with a ‘personalised’ fitness programme. This programme is specifically to the individual players requirement. This programme requires our players to work independently in their own time for 15 minutes 5 days of the week.


I had a really enjoyable night at Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites at their Enfield Centre last Friday. The coaching sessions were really well organised and professionally run.

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David Seaman ,  Arsenal and England goalkeeper,