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Elites ‘Dare to Dream’ trailer

Jack Wilshere Joins NCF Elites

Elites Social

Tickets available for the Premiere.

The premiere of NCF Elites film 'Dare to Dream'. On the 25th November at the Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar.

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Last night’s match reports.

Match reports on the Letchworth team against Stevenage borough and the Enfield boys against AEK.

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Tonights matches.

Two Elites teams in action tonight. Enfield compete against AEK and Letchworth against Stevenage Borough.

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I had a really enjoyable night at Jack Wilshere’s NCF Elites at their Enfield Centre last Friday. The coaching sessions were really well organised and professionally run.

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David Seaman ,  Arsenal and England goalkeeper,