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Kiyan Prince Foundation

Kiyan Prince Foundation

On Monday 17th June Elites Director’s Nick and Paul met up with  Dr Mark Prince OBE Head of the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

On May 18th 2006 Mark’s son Kiyan tried to make peace after his friend got in to an argument outside the London Academy School in Edgware. Kiyan received one fatal stab wound that brought his life to an abrupt end.
Nick Cook 

I had the privilege of knowing Kiyan from 5 years of age, he made his footballing debut under me and went on to get signed by QPR Academy. Kiyan was a player with so much potential and the footballing world at his feet. However more important than that was he was a smashing lad with an amazing personality & smile. He had a drive & desire that meant he would of gone on to achieve great things before his life was taken.

Mark, Kiyans father is doing amazing things with the Kiyan Prince Foundation and has recently seen the QPR stadium renamed this season ‘The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium’.

We would be honoured to work with the Foundation and help spread the important message Mark and the foundation bring surrounding the epidemic of knife crime that is going on in our streets.

A truly inspirational person on a quest to change the mindset of young people. 
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